Our prototype polisher with "Compounds-in-a-Cartridge" technology.

Automotive buffers with our "Compounds-in-a-Cartridge" technology.

Our primary product is a surface polishing system aimed at the automotive market. It includes our high speed polisher and buffing pads with the unique, self feeding, "Compounds-in-a-Cartridge" that is more convenient to use, saves time and waste.

The biggest advantage for you is it's a razor, razor/blade concept that guarantees compound and polishing pads repeat sales that builds a unique brand and effectively locks out the competition. 

Tested and proven.

Our Automotive buffers with "Compounds-in-a-Cartridge" technology make auto detailing more efficient with a superior shine.

  This product has been rigorously tested with proven, longer lasting, and brighter finishes than all other methods now on the market. The secret is a combination of concentrated wet applications with controlled surface heat. 

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Automotive buffers, specially designed pads and polishing chemicals packaged in our "Compounds-in-a-can" Technology.

We're seeking appliance manufacturers and compound developers for consumer, commercial and production line applications. Also, motor homes, boats, aircraft and floor care markets. Contact us with your interest in any of these areas. 


Now you get a show quality finish faster with less waste with our automotive buffers that include our  "Compounds-in-a-Cartridge" technology.

 We’re very excited to introduce you to Super Shiner™, a totally new development for the growing automotive surface care industry. Our self feeding technology and "Compounds in a Cartridge" opens new profit centers by offering proprietary packaged chemicals that only work with our polishers.  

The good news is you’re on the ground floor of this exciting opportunity. After many years of development and testing, opportunities now exist for the final development, branding, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of these exciting products with the Super Shiner™ technology.

Super Shiner auto POLISHING VIDEO

A new technology buffer in development which includes our proprietary "Compounds-in a Cartridge" system that allows self feeding the polishing compounds when buffing. It's faster with less waste and produces a superior finish as compared to all other products now on the market. We're seeking joint venture partners to finalize the design, manufacturing and marketing for the automotive, motor home, boats, aircraft plus the consumer and commercial floor care markets.